This Iced Tea Kit comes packed with what you need to brew one of the most delicious glasses of iced tea your taste buds have ever witnessed. Give the gift of hydration while looking classy and sophisticated. 

Start Building Your Gift Kits By Choosing The Right Product!

Gifts and Specialties offers Unique Gifts and Kits for your Employee Appreciation Programs, Company Stores, Events, Holidays and more . We offer custom Solutions for kitting projects, fulfillment , drop shipping. We handle everything from A to Z. We're located in Texas. 


The best branded merchandise options and gifts kits for your brand marketing strategy. Including broad range of products we also have a great expertise on plantable promotions, sustainability, eco friendly products. 


Drop shipping holiday gifts has become the new normal currently and it is a creative way to recognize employees, clients . It lets your people know you care and you are with them. 

So What is Kitting? :  It's basically when you place one or more products placed in a box or package is KITTING. 

What is Drop Shipping ?  It refers to shipping to many locations, either to individual addresses or bulk shipped to a number of locations


Zero Waste 

If you’re a sustainable brand, social enterprise, or a non-profit changemaker, if you think you care about environment, you're at the right place!